In Hospital Service

Medical Nutrition Therapy is an integral part of the in-hospital patient’s treatment and ranges from home-diet counseling, in-hospital nutritional support, specialized oral nutrition supplementation to enteral (Nasogastric or -jejenal feeding) and partial or total parenteral (Intravenious) nutrition.  The Dietician also motivates to medical aids for home based nutritional care, pumps and giving sets. 

The Dietician is consulted by the attending Doctor for her/his expertise in this area, and the Dietician takes into account the whole clinical picture from diagnosis, blood results and medication-food interactions in order to supplement, counsel or prescribe specific diets and interventions.  

In an ICU setup the dietician is many times seem "behind the scenes", but the evidence of their daily involvement can mostly be seen by the specialized feeds, oral nutritional supplementation or IV amino acids and/or feeds being administrated.  Specialized nutritional care - especially in a Critical Care setting - is VITAL to patient outcome and has a direct link to length of hospital stay, morbitiy and mortality.  Ask your Doctor to consult an ICU Dietician if there is not one already involved in your feeding prescription. 

Helen Wessels Dieticians have in-hospital services 7 days a week at MediClinic Bloemfontein, Netcare Universitas and Pelonomi as well as Busamed Bloemfontein, and Locum Dieticians stand in on a regular basis for this service over weekends.

To be seen by one of our Dieticians in-hospital, please ask your attending doctor and remember to state "Helen Wessels Dieticians" as your specific choice.