DNA Testing

Helen Wessels dieticians offers a range of Nutrigenomic genetic tests through DNAlysis Laboratories.

Every person is unique and have a unique genetic makeup. Genetic testing reveals to you more about your unique dietary needs, risks and how you can adapt your lifestyle, diet and environment to live your best life.

Genetic testing can reveal your ideal strategy for weight loss, your genetic pre-disposition towards chronic diseases like Diabetes, Cholesterol, bone diseases, inflammation and Cancer and most importantly – WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT. Prevention is always better than cure.

Genetic testing can also give your sports performance a boost by revealing your sports performance capacity (power v.s. endurance), optimal recovery rates, caffeine and salt sensitivity and specific sports types your body will optimally excel in.

The different tests offered through Helen Wessels Dieticians:

DNA Diet test
“DNA Diet tests a number of well-researched gene variations that impact metabolism, absorption and storage of fats and carbohydrates, as well as eating behaviour. We have analysed these SNPs to understand how an individual’s genetic profile will impact their response to what we believe to be the three most effective healthy eating plans. i.e. Low fat, Mediterranean, and Low Carbohydrate. Research suggests that individuals do respond differently to different food combinations and no ONE way of eating is right for everyone.” For more information on the DNA Diet test, please visit https://dnalysis.co.za/dna-diet/

DNA Health
“DNA Health tests for 36 gene variants involved in the following biological processes that have been linked to risk for diseases of lifestyle, including cholesterol metabolism and risk for heart disease, bone health & risk for osteoporosis, Vitamin B metabolism and risk for cancer, inflammation and oxidative stress, detoxification, insulin sensitivity and risk for diabetes, food responsiveness, including Lactose intolerance, Caffeine processing, Salt sensitivity and blood pressure & Iron overload disorders” For more information on the DNA Health test, please visit https://dnalysis.co.za/dna-health/

DNA Sport
“DNA Sport examines various biological areas that impact training responsiveness and sporting performance. These include soft tissue remodeling, inflammation, blood flow and respiration, energy production and fuel metabolism. Athletic success results firstly from personalising a training strategy that optimises your genetic potential, and secondly choosing the right lifestyle, nutrition and environmental interactions to optimally express your inherited genes.”  This is an absolute insightful must for all aspiring athletes - from couch to podium.

DNA Oestrogen
”80% of breast cancer occurs in women with no family history. Oestrogen gene testing may help you lessen your risk. Research has shown that an increased lifetime exposure to oestrogen is a strong risk factor in the development of breast cancer. DNA Oestrogen tests for gene variants that have been shown to have an impact on how oestrogen is processed in your body and if the processing of oestrogen and related compounds is efficient and healthy.” For more information on the DNA Oestrogen test, please visit, https://dnalysis.co.za/dna-oestrogen/

DNA Skin
This test looks at genetic factors relating to aging, UV damage susceptibility, elasticity and aims to personalize skin care strategies.  The test includes optimal suggestions for product ingredients and supplementation specifically for your skin.

DNA Mind
Brand NEW! Watch this space.

*Do note that Genetic testing are not covered by Medical Aid. The DNA Tests’ costs are payable up front. However, the dietician’s fee for collecting, interpreting and diet calculations are all covered by Medical aid.