Body Composition Analysis

Have you felt like you are eating healthily, exercising and even losing centimeters, but the number on the scale stays the same?

Or are you an athlete, weekend warrior or avid gym goer, and wanted to know your muscle and fat distribution?

Helen Wessels Dieticians offers an exciting in-depth body composition analysis using the InBody 120 Bio Electric Impedance device. This accurately reports not only your fat and muscle percentage and kg, but also gives a segmental breakdown of muscle and fat distribution. We are able to measure the muscle and fat in the arms separately, the torso and both the legs separately, as well as visceral fat level. (Visceral fat refers to the dangerous fat distribution around the organs).

Accurate BIA device readings give the client a good idea of what really is happening, with detailed measurable results that extends far beyond the "number on the scale".

Helen Wessels Dieticians are one of the very few Dietetic Practices in the Free State with this high level device and offers it as a standard with the Vitality Nutritional Assessment, and can be done every 3-6 weeks in order to see your progress.

Body Composition Analysis